About the Organization



About the Organization

Messiah 360 Incorporated is a Non Profit Charitable Resource Incorporated in the state of NC as of March 2017. We are currently under establishment and are in the process of creating programs and services to help support individuals and their families in the community who are struggling during emergency or difficult times.


What we understand

We understand that emergency or difficult situations my occur at times in our life unexpectedly where we may have to seek help or rely on some available resources to help us get through these difficult times.


Our beliefs and Values

In our mission and efforts at Messiah 360 Incorporated to help support the Welfare of the community during difficult times these are some important things we would like to share with the community

We believe that we are the Community and that the Community is the reason for our of existence.

We believe in treating each persons issue or concern as if it were our own.

We believe everyone should be treated fair and with the same level of respect regardless of their race, religious beliefs or criminal history.

We believe honesty is the best policy

We value the voice of the community because only the community knows how we can help serve their needs.

We will do our best efforts to serve the  needs of the community to the best of our ability.

If in any circumstance we are unable to provide the resources needed to assist the individual or their family we will try to connect to the other resources that we have assist your need.


About the Founder of Messiah 360 Incorporated     

Renda Sanders is the Founder/President

I have 23 years of experience working with Customer Care Relations 

I am currently in the process of establishing and forming the Nonprofit charity for Messiah 360 Incorporated.

I was inspired by the Lord in 2015 to start a Nonprofit Charity on behalf of Jesus Christ who is the Messiah to help support the mission of helping those who are in need. I accepted this blessing of an obligation as a willing vessel from the Lord and started investing and working to bring the vision into existence.

I believe there is plenty of work to do for the Lord and his communities however more willing vessels are needed. Luke 10:2

Personal time:I enjoy being a mother of 3,studying the bible, praying and encouraging and helping others in any way that I can.


How You can Help Messiah 360 along its Journey

If you are interested in finding out more details about the Nonprofit including Volunteer opportunities please navigate to the top of the page and click on

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Messiah 360 Incorporated

Contact Info.

Messiah 360 Incorporated
830 Purser Dr, Unit B
Raleigh NC 27603

Phone: 919 276-2535
Email: Messiah360charity@gmx.com

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