Message from the Founder of Messiah 360 Incorporated

The mission is currently in the process of establishing it's mission including creating services to help support individuals and families in various communities who are struggling to make ends meet during difficult times.

How you can assist the Mission

We would like to ask for a generous financial donation to help support these services that we will be providing to the community.

Donation Amount

Any donation amount is acceptable and appreciated.

Note: Messiah 360 Inc in the process of obtaining a new P.O. and the information will be updated soon.Thanks


To request a reciept for your donation please send and email to or contact the Organization at 919-276 2535

Reciepts may be mailed or faxed at this current time until their has been a online reciept created on the Web page.

Note: Please include your name,donation amount,address or fax number and how you would like to recieve your reciept.

Please allow at least 7-10 business days to recieve mailed reciept (including delays that may prevent the mail from reaching it's destination in a timely manner).

Please allow at 24-48 hours to recieve reciept by fax.

The Organization will work hard to become 501c3 approved for tax exempt purposes as we are still currently in the process of establishing or missionaries.

We ask that you please be patient with us and we apologize ahead a time for any inconvenience you may experience.


Details about the programs and services and how your donation will benefit our mission for the services.

Food Program - Donations will provide assistance in purchasing gift cards to help assist individuals and families with groceries during an emergency or difficult circumstance.
School lunch - Donations will provide financial assistance to students to provide a healthy full course breakfast or lunch meal during emergency or difficult times.
Medicine - Donations will support individuals who need temporary financial assistance with their medicine during and emergency or difficult times.
Birth Certificates/ID Card - Donations will support individuals and families who need financial assistance in obtaining a birth certificate and ID card.

Building and Adminstration funds- Donations will help start a project for a permanant Charity building in North Carolina.The donations will also go towards the support of the Administration fees to help operate the Organizations daily mission for the purpose of the community.

Note: Thank you for your kind donation and sincere support. Every donation will be appreciated.
Please contact the Organization if you have any questions or concerns about the donations or organization.

Please follow the guidance below on how to submitt your donation.                                                                                         

To start showing your support please

Click the green give donation button located in the middle of the page.

Please enter the amount you would like to donate.

Select the frequency you would like to donate by clicking the arrow located in the frequency box( where it shows One time).

Messiah 360 Incorporated

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