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Do you find yourself balancing tough decisions daily or face an emergency or difficult crisis such as struggling with a financial difficulty , illness, homeless, loss of employment,can't supply food for yourself or family, can't afford to provide your kids supplies a healthy lunch meal or perhaps a disaster may occur.

Plan and Agenda for Future Pograms

Messiah 360 Incorporated would like to propose to the Community an Idea Plan and Agenda with services that we will be working to create in the near future that will benefit and help relieve the community and their families during difficult or emergency times.

We would like to ask the community be patient and understanding as we work diligently to complete our goals and projected vision for the community.

However as soon as a date becomes available we will inform the community on the update through our Newsletter and News and Events Page located on our Website.


Programs and Services

Financial assistance will be provided for these programs in the near future.

  • Food
  • School Meals
  • Medicine
  • Birth Certificate and Id Card


Donation Drives

Donation drives will be organized and arranged  to collect items to help support the additional needs of the community.

Donation Categories

  • Clothing /Shoes
  • School supplies
  • Household items and goods
  • Disaster Relief
  • Hygiene and Personal Care Items
  • Holidays

Community Events

We will organize community events such as banquets and special fundraisers that will help support the needs of the mission for the benefit of the community.

How we would like for the Community to support our cause.

We would like to have your support by

Asking you to help us to share our plans with those in the community.

Provide a kind financial donation that will help us to get our plans going.


Important Note

As each program and service  is in the process of being established the community will be updated of it progress.

To donate to our cause please click donate at the top of the page


Note: There is no current date set at this time as to how long it will take to complete this project due to all legal requirements and research that the Nonprofit will need to follow up with to ensure all the necessary requirements are met.



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